During the COVID-19 pandemic, numerous Missouri residents have found themselves dealing with unemployment, business shutdowns, shortages, and other discouraging situational and financial changes in their lives. Fortunately, there is financial assistance available in all counties and cities through the Missouri Public Services.

MissouriRx Plan (MoRx)
Missouri’s State Pharmacy Assistance Program provides financial assistance to families in need of prescription medications not covered by private insurance or by Medicare Part D. Individuals will save 50% during the coverage gap, as well as on co-pays and prescription deductibles. (MoRx does not pay the monthly premium of Medicare Part D’s plan.)

Missouri’s Temporary Assistance Program
Families with children are offered cash assistance from the state of Missouri. Those wishing to obtain this assistance must be working or in work-training activities. They can also be in job readiness and job search assistance.

Nutrition Assistance
SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program/Food Stamps) is a government program run by the Missouri Department of Social Services. This program helps struggling households purchase food, thus providing healthy levels of nutrition. Those in need can contact the local county office (1-800-392-1261). They will then be issued a debit card called the Missouri Electronic Benefits Transfer. With this card, the families can purchase food at local grocery stores.

Home Energy Assistance Program
There are various non-profit organizations offering debt, credit, and housing assistance solutions to homeowners and Missouri farmers throughout Missouri.

Missouri HealthNet
The state provides public healthcare. There is the Missouri HealthNet for Kids, a program covering children under 19 years old whose family income qualifies them. For those with low- to moderate-income, the state will assist in payments for children’s dental and medical needs.

For pregnant women or those who have newborns, and whose total family income lies within certain parameters, the Missouri HealthNet program provides care and medical coverage from public funds. For those who are eligible, the program continues through a sixty-day postpartum period, even if the family’s income increases.

Missouri HealthNet for Kids
There is also a state program of public healthcare coverage for children less than 19 years of age whose total family income falls within certain parameters. The state will help pay for the medical and dental needs of low to moderate-income children.

Missouri HealthNet for Families
If a family’s income does not exceed the standards set for the Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC), they qualify for public health care and relative services.